nailpolishBasic Manicure

Our manicure is designed to restore your nails and hands to natural strength to be beautifully healthy. $22.00

Signature Spa Pedicure

Our pedicure is an essential grooming ritual which will repay the favors of your feet with the added enjoyment of bulb water therapy in our Jacuzzi spa pedicure thrones. $45.00

Foot Refresher

For the client on the go, try the Foot Refresher, an abbreviated pedicure, for maintaining your look between appointments. $40.00

Express Manicure

Designed to restore your polish in between your manicures or give you a fresh look for that special occasion. $10.00

Paraffin Treatment

This treatment, recommended for extremely dry skin, indulges you in rich moisturizers followed by warm, nourishing paraffin to hydrate and revitalize cuticles,
nails and skin. $10.00


For Pedicure  $15.00


ACRYLICS – The strongest and most durable of all nail enhancements. Best for computer users and active lifestyles.

GELS – The clearest, shiniest and most beautiful enhancement. Ideal for chronic lifters and those
who do not wish to wear polish. $60.00 & up

Creative Nail Shellac or OPI Gel Color

A great alternative to artificial nails, extends the life of your manicure or pedicure. $35.00

Sculptured Nail

Created from scratch and formed to your natural nails. $55.00 & up

Pink & Whites

Your Forever French Acrylic Nails. $60.00 & up

 nails2Fill In

For when your artificial nails grow out from the cuticle. $32.00

Artificial Nail Removal

Our recommended method for removing any nail enhancements is a paraffin soak off, followed by a basic manicure. $16.00

Please note that all prices are starting prices, and may vary based on service received.

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